Rimadesio Zenit

Rimadesio Zenit

The versatility of the contemporary bookcase

Customisable and flexible, the modern bookcase often delimits spaces between environments

Although the digital world is stepping on, books never set. That’s why they still appear in plain sight in modern design bookcases, that are increasingly light, practical and eye-catching. But next to books, on the various shelves, our various devices are more and more present – technology alternates to books and traditional objects. As well as conveying an undoubted aesthetic pleasure, the bookcase, especially if double-sided, enables to exploit profitably the unused spaces in an environment. Some bookcases develop vertically, others horizontally; some models are designed to be hung, others to be leaning against the wall. Some bookcases can be ideally positioned in the middle of an environment, serving as a room divider, or they can be huddled at the back of the sofa. Rimadesio’s Zenit bookcase (design by Giuseppe Bavuso), with its lightweight and versatile features, represents an excellent design solution for the living area.

The innovative Rimadesio Zenit sectional system to furnish living-rooms, but also walk-in closets, has been conceived to display and storage and is suitable for each part of the home. A versatile system where each element can be freely positioned in the desired number and at the desired height, freed from the so called “box aesthetic” as well as from any functional restriction. True fulcrum of Zenit programme is in fact the exclusive element hooking system which allows “open modularity” and the production of an aluminium upright without holes and fixed hookings.

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