New Catalogue English Mood


New Catalogue English Mood

Gallery09 is official partner of Minacciolo and we are specialized in English Mood style

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Craftsmanship and design culture are values on which Minacciolo’s manufacturing is based on. An authentic “Made in Italy”, made in the field of wooden furniture and design furnishings, even more exclusive thanks to the use of ecofriendly materials and processes. Natural surfaces used together with the most cutting-edge technologies have allowed the company to achieve a leading position in the “country chic” and contemporary furniture market.

The materials used by the Company are all certified and mainly natural, for example wood, metal and various selections of stones. The timber comes from selected tree plantations in Northern Europe where the high altitude and the fertility constraints explain their grainy appearance which is both uniform and dense with the absence of knots. For this, the wooden furniture solutions are aesthetically pleasing as well as being reliable and durable.

The strong crafts tradition and the wellestablished design culture are part of the Made in Italy label. These values are the basis on which Minacciolo philosophy is characterised. The production process is based on direct and careful qualitative control. Every minimal detail is carried out with maximum attention to detail, and patiently refined based on “state of the art” processes. Finally all production fases, from the design to the assembly, are managed with care and precision thus giving to all pieces of furniture the strenght, safety and functionality.