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Curve: the loveliest distance between two points (Mae West)

Mariscal’s visual heritage is drawn from the world of comic books, which he freely admits to drawing inspiration from. Alessandra, Eulalia Perez, Saula Marina, seem to have stepped out of the pages of some underground comic, with which they share the same irony, bordering on sarcasm, and a playful approach to contemporary life. Anticonformist, libertarian, post-modern: Mariscal designs the storyboard for a tale told from the perspective of a teenager, where experience always comes before meaning. The desire for roundness, overlapping and amorous couplings of bodies and forms, release the pieces from the normal passing of time into another place, a world which is also our own.

Frame in wood upholstered with stress-resistant polyurethane foam with differentiated densities. Feet, screwed to the frame, in natural beech or black. No removable covers.


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