Rocking chair Valchromat


84 x 52 x 86

finishing : valchromat

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The Salone del Mobile 2011 is an opportunity to show the new collection of shoes Bonomi of built-in furniture with the help of innovative materials to the social housing designed by architect Designer Alessia Galimberti.
The collection ‘Relaxation is a game’ features armchairs, chairs, rocking chairs, tables, bookcases, cabinets, sofas, ottomans, single and double beds, in Valchromat a wood fiber panel, the result of extensive research based on the need to develop new products for interior design. A resistant panel, colored in its mass, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with low formaldehyde content that allows endless decorative applications, without the need for lacquering with special finishes or waxes.

The architect Alessia Galimberti believes that the goal of achieving sustainable cities in environmental, but also economic and social, is not a utopia but rather a necessity. There is therefore a time when the links between architecture and society are becoming more complex and fragile at the same time, it will be necessary to launch challenges to builders of cities as a kind of ethical commitment in addressing the issue of the future urban growth and the need to administer and direct the change.

Alessia Galimberti also claims that Re-Living the Contemporary Home is a social objective, namely to give a credible response to those who need to live in the city at an affordable cost and with livable social conditions.
With the collection ‘The Relax is a Game’ you want to deal with the housing crisis and provide practical responses to housing needs; it also stands as a model of a new form of social housing, economically sustainable and quality. It will point to the real quality aesthetics and environmental, through the design of furniture from Italian design at a very limited cost and intended for a segment of the population that is increasingly cut off from the free market.

Alessia Galimberti also claims, that housing for social housing, housing must have a certain flexibility; avoiding to design static housing defined in relation to a standard family which only partially correspond to the model today, but only in part to that of tomorrow.
The household changes, evolves, changes their own needs, but tends to remain in the same place, for cultural habits, economic needs. E ‘must then locate degrees of flexibility for some housing areas which must not be rigidly predestined and conception of the dwelling such as dynamic, to adapt and follow the evolution of the family in a simple economical and easily manageable. Hence the interlocking pieces of furniture designed by architect Alessia Galimberti become bedside-ottoman, sofa-beds, adapt to space and different user demands, a strategic design for the furniture, an innovative collection that proves to produce at low cost with efficient economical solutions and quality.

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