Rimadesio Wind bookcase


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301 cm x 41 cm x h 196.5 

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Rimadesio Wind bookcase Rimadesio Wind bookcase in the new Rimadesio interpretation: a modular system that combines aesthetic lightness and technological innovation. The fulcrum of the project, entirely in aluminum, is represented by the union between extruded shelves and die-cast uprights, in the central and terminal versions. Wind’s vertical modularity is achieved through nylon fiber connection joints that are inserted into the uprights and guarantee maximum stability. The terminal element of each composition is the lacquered and laminated top in MDF covered with a double aluminum plate. Library that can be placed against a wall or used to divide spaces. in addition to the aluminum shelves, cubic modules can be inserted in every color both to revive its elegance and to give shape and volume to its linearity Wind is an elegant light bookcase concept that can be modulated and developed in different heights and sizes. Ideal for a wall in length which can be a corridor investing it with its true library functionality or on a wall of a living room also inserting a space for the TV, or as a fifth for a large space or even as a complementary element to the living. Wind in addition to your wall background and available with backrests.


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