Lowland Moroso sofà


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Lowland Moroso sofà

Flexible horizontal compositions

A sofa, a changing landscape made from elemental shapes which dynamically interact with one another. Patricia Urquiola deconstructs the classic sofa, and re-proposes it through a synthesis of surfaces. Simplicity, definition, dynamism and transformation are the uniting characteristics which bring together the individual elements: seats, backrests and armrests are modules which can be coordinated, combined and endlessly reconfigured. In 2000, the designer had already grasped what is now a well-established concept, the creation of system which works as a single piece, a project which goes beyond modularity-as-function to give absolute freedom in creating compositions dedicated to comfort and style.

Stress-resistant polyurethane foam with differentiated densities and polyester fibre on wood frame. The feet are in stainless steel. On request glides in PVC. The optional cushions are in polyester fibre.

Lowland technical file

A3046 cat W Steel cut trio 733 celeste

Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 302 × 154 × 73 cm


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