Diesel Nebula Nine Promo

Diesel Nebula Nine Promo lining lining in Homage

Diesel in collaboration with Moroso until 31/12/2018 to all those who buy the Sofa Mod. Nebula Nine, a second lining will be provided free of charge in one of the variations of the NEW MARINA cat H fabric.

Nebula Nine one of the sofas icon of the Diesel collection with Moroso designed in 2009 by Diesel Creative Team, at the threshold of its tenth birthday is still one of the most successful sofas.

Its rock spirit, easy, soft, make it a suitable and versatile element for any living project.

With its new Basic, its New Marina category H and Matala cat Q line, its new colors Diesel Nebula Nine Promo becomes even more competitive in price.

Let’s make an example sofa 280 x 110 fiber category H price list 5429 free of a second lining and a discount reserved for you if you call within 31 12 2018.

Now let’s talk about how the sofa is made, the internal structure, the skeleton on which the cushions rest is made of wood, very important for the durability of a sofa, the seating elements are in differentiated indeformable polyurethane foam and polyester fiber What is expanded polyurethane: it is a foam material that comes in the form of “sheets” (or layers). Among the latest generation materials it is considered the most “green” because it is produced without the use of chlorofluorocarbons. It has a structure composed of open micro-cells that make it particularly flexible and breathable. This feature prevents stagnation of moisture and the proliferation of mites and bacteria. For this reason it is also considered a typical hypoallergenic material. Depending on the size of the cells, the polyurethane reaches different degrees of density, which is measured in kg / m³.

Its flexibility allows the plates to accompany the body during the stasis phase and support it according to need, but after the use phase it returns to its original shape. This is why it is classified as “non-deformable” materials.

The back cushions are in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber or goose down

The recommended finishes for this sofa are the cottons and the leather velvet line.

The Feet of the Diesel Nebula Nine Promo are in ash colorç:  natural, Indigo blue, Raw Black, Ash Gray