After years of experience in the field of furniture, we realized that very often our offer went beyond, often the customers asked us for a more extensive design and the consequent restructuring of the environments that more and more often we followed in person, through the 'Architect Deborah Ferraresi and sometimes performed through our skilled workers.

Organizing the intimate and domestic environment of each of us means to respond in the best and most complete way possible to a whole series of needs that can vary a lot between one individual and another.

Starting from this assumption it is easy to understand how not always homes that we find on the market correspond fully to our needs, but often with little attention and small interventions can become our corner of the world.

Obviously the situation is different where we have to face a heavy restructuring or even a new construction.

This is why, starting from the experience, we are able to better model the domestic environment, and intervene in any degree of processing necessary to obtain it.

Our contributions start from the planning, to the drafting of the various building practices, to move on to the various building masonry works, to the bleaching and laying of wallpaper, to the assembly of the furniture and to the home personal shopper.

We begin to tell now how a house is born, we know the subjects that will live there and the type of intervention:

subjects: family of 4, parents and two daughters aged 8 and 5

type of intervention: superelevation

designer, construction supervision: Architect Deborah Ferraresi Gallery09