Design kitchens: aesthetics working for functionality

Novelties at Gallery09 are endless! The first novelty in 2017 is the availability in the shop – starting from March – of the historical design kitchen brand Binova. Roots in the past (50 years history), but definitely looking ahead: this brand combines very often dark woods with steel, focusing on glossy lacquered finish and the cold material-warm woods match. Extraordinary care is given to the choice of materials, processing techniques and production systems for Binova furnishing solutions, while close collaboration with renowned architects and designers ensure a taste for a sophisticated contemporary look that is also ergonomic and functional. Modular configurations, laid against the wall or arranged as an island, are placed with grace and simplicity, returning the scene to the person who lives in it as the central focus. The space maintains a formal purity and intangible lightness in Binova’s design kitchens. Binova kitchen furnishings allow rigorously elegant Italian design to emerge in a flowing way, guaranteeing, overall, quality unaffected by the passing of time.

Winning layouts

At Gallery09 you’ll be finding Binova’s Vogue model, featuring glossy lacquered anthracite columns. Here the vertical sign sets a constant pace on all the fronts. The sliding worktop, together with the wooden bins, create new dynamics of life.

For the kitchen Island, Gallery09 selected B.Luna, in London-grey oak. B.Luna is a truly professionally inspired laboratory with all the accessories and equipment useful for the preparation of food. Characteristic horizontal sign has a new life; tradition and modern