A customised architect!

A customised architect!

A customised home. Which does not mean buying custom furniture, as it might come to mind at first glance in the past. But it means customising home with pieces of furniture and objects we really like, expressing our personality, taking advice from a professional who has understood us and moreover is an insider. A customised architect!

But let’s come back to the initial concept, perfectly expressed in the following lines, taken from the latest “Living Scapes” published by Trend Lab – Salone del Mobile Milano, entitled “Customised Home”, by the way.

By their very nature, homes are one of the main platforms for self-expression, where people “stage” their own personal and unique narrative and lives. The domestic walls have always been a gallery in progress of the tastes, styles, gestures, habits and personal and relational attitudes through which people build their own social identities and communicate them to the outside world

New professional approaches

Therefore today, the growing importance that the personalisation of spaces, objects and furnishings have taken on in people’s imaginations and desires is a factor to which interior designers and architects are responding with increasingly compelling pieces of furniture.

The customised architect, an architect moving with times, leaves his clients the chance to choose and co-create the final layout of their furnishing project.

The contemporary architect increasingly enters people’s life, he understands home evolution, that goes hand in hand with his client’s family evolution, he senses and anticipates his needs. And thus he suggests, proposing a wide range of solutions. He is a real partner, not just a mere provider.

Gallery 09 has been offering this all round emotional and involving service for a long time. With Gallery 09, the client is a co-player of his/her same change, together with the architect.

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