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Kitchen outlet design, the compositions in the photos can be viewed live in our home-showroom. It is a kitchen that combines the minimal concept of the columns and the industrial style of the island. Unique island of its kind thanks to the perimeter handles, the corner uprights and the handles of the painted steel drawers. The structure of the island consists of a steel base on which the bases rest, the corner uprights support the steel frame which also contains the top. The two blocks, island and columns integrate perfectly like two monoliths and fit perfectly into a living space. The composition described is composed of an island which measures 3200 mm in width and has a depth of 1120 mm, the height is usually 900 mm. The base structure is in HDF wood particles while the fronts are in MATT BLACK lacquered HDF The 5 columns contain the refrigerator, traditional oven, wine cellar and steam oven as well as a large pantry have a hinged door with vertical groove. Both sides are on the ground and in the same finish as the doors. The finish is in Charcoal Oak. The top with integrated sink and in steel with vintage finishes: Domestic appliances : – BORA hob with integrated hood with suction filter. – dishwasher in the island AEG FSE733OOP – Miele Fridge Freezer kfn 372322 – Miele steam oven 45 cm easy sensor DG6200 – Built-in oven Miele 45 cm easy control H2601-1B – Miele 45 KWT 6112 IG EDCS wine cellar The kitchen described here can be designed in different sizes and with other different appliances and tops Our goal is 1) Give an aesthetic and project idea of ​​how we build kitchens. 2) Being able to see the product live 3) Give an idea of ​​price.

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