Doodle Moroso


Sofaà embroidred leather 

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180 x 80 x h98


available in 4/5 weeks

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From the hand which unconsciously doodles during a phone call, lines of thought spring out. Innocent reflections which go through an accumulative process, unconscious pen strokes, doodles; in the beginning there is just a line and in the end there is a complete, complex piece. Hence the embroidery. The sofa design takes its shape from a folded blanket. The seat is delicate, deep in thought, armrests are soft, the sofa welcoming. The quilting on the upholstery follows the lines of the doodle making it three-dimensional. It is a welcoming thought, a daydream.

Injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfiber over internal resin and steel frame. Feet are in tubular black steel with powder coat finish on polypropylene glides. Only Elmosoft or Soft Cire leather covers with embroidery to match leather color. Doodle collection covers are not removable.


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