Albero Zanotta Achille Castiglioni


Design Achille Castiglioni 1983 

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Zanotta tree Achille Castiglioni Gallery09 Zanotta dealer A BLACK is available for immediate delivery Vertical forest Zanotta tree Achille Castiglioni It was 1983 when Achille Castiglioni imagined a subtle presence, dynamic in its composition, flexible in its articulated overall design, destined to accommodate the houseplants in their respective pots, supported (as if they were caring hands) by circular plates rhythmically arranged along the height of the structure, while horizontally each element is free to rotate 120 degrees, so as to better organize the arrangement of plants of different sizes, in this small domestic “vertical forest”, towards an optimal encounter with the light. “Experience does not give certainty or security. On the contrary, the possibility of error increases. The more time passes, the harder it becomes to design better. The antidote? Starting over each time, with humility and patience “(Achille Castiglioni) Achille Castiglioni was born in Milan in 1918, son of the well-known sculptor Giannino: particularly active in the interwar period, his father influenced Castiglioni’s “plastic” approach to design. I always start from an idea and then modify it and fine-tune it in realizing it. There is a lot of modeling in my work, also because […] I have always seen my father work with his hands and shape the material to gradually give it the desired shape

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