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Valentini Eduard new outlet Valentini Eduard new outlet, Eduard New is the vocation for hospitality and comfort: an enveloping shape, large seats and goose down cushions. A sofa with a decidedly trendy character. Our idea of ​​comfort has its foundations in wood: solid poplar or fir for the parts with the greatest structural load; wood combined with steel. FABRICS All our fabrics are produced in Italy, for high quality collections. From the choice of the yarn to the design of its weft, passing through the creation of the color palette, all the phases are 100% made in Italy. SKINS Leather is a natural material, which over time acquires value and is enriched with nuances. At the end of the process, it can present veins that testify to its naturalness, an aspect that is accentuated with the passing of the years. THE MOOD Refinement of materials and infinite possibilities in combinations, so that each sofa is a product that speaks of those who choose it in all its nuances. Valentini has a state-of-the-art facility to follow every phase of the product, it does so using established designers and a team of highly experienced collaborators for whom passion still matters.

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