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Antibodi Moroso Outlet

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Antibodi Moroso outlet Moroso Antibodi Outlet Moroso products derived from fairs from photo shoots or events. The product is reconditioned and put back on the market at a considerably discounted price. There may be items for the same product or only one and the finishes are those you cannot choose other. The armchair in question is red in color as the base and the yellow petals as shown in the attached photo Antibodi_technical card Below the description of the product taken from the Moroso site The aesthetic order of flowering  A new shape for a non-padded seat, a three-dimensional geometry developed starting from the cellular genesis of sewn petals following the order of a triangular-based graphic structure. The outcome is a floral explosion, a prodigious symbolic manifestation of fertility. Antibodi is vital energy, archetype of great and ambivalent charm. The petals, in double felt material and cloth – cloth and leather – give life to a supporting covering, subsequently fixed to the stainless steel frame. The covering takes on a double function, welcoming, feminine with the petals turned upwards, deliberately severe and matelassé with the petals facing downwards. Self-supporting two-colored lining coupled with polyurethane foam and technical mesh. Steel base and PVC insoles. Two coating versions are provided.

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