Miniforms Mariolina chair Mariolina was born exploring the world of polypropylene and its new developments, delicately combining to an essential aesthetic.

The body is so simple that you can draw it without removing the pen from the paper, balancing a style cared for and attentive to the present with the desire to get out of fashion. Mariolina is the answer to the need for an eclectic product, created with a contemporary production method and suitable for everyday life.

Designer: E-GGS Formed by Gaia Giotti, Giona Scarselli and Cristina Razzanelli, E-GGS deals with design with a transversal approach, ranging from product design, interior design and architecture. Attention and curiosity are captured by the discovery of the unusual in everyday life, in the search for new expressive and material languages.

It is from the exploration of the needs of every day that ideas are born. We think that elegance is not a dark aesthetic, but a vibrant and colorful attitude. Sometimes you are serious. Sometimes you’re joking. Life goes like this. At least at home, however, try to be thoughtless.

Take care of it, choose a good color palette, buy some flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, like we did. The important thing is to unplug your brain every so often and enjoy the little things with elegance. Our furniture helps you in this