Diesel Nebula Nine Promo


Diesel Nebula Nine Promo lining lining in Homage Diesel in collaboration with Moroso until 31/12/2018 to all those who buy the Sofa Mod. Nebula Nine, a second lining will be provided free of charge in one of the variations of the NEW MARINA cat H fabric. Nebula Nine one of the sofas icon of the […]

Bolzan little bed for children only 1159 euro


Bolzan little bed for children only 1159 euro finishing cat D, including orthopedic mattress only EURO 1159 euro We can ship everywhere price not included transport cost  please sent mail with your address to have a estimate.   http://www.bolzanletti.it/site/eng/02_collezioni_det.php?ind_area=2&ind_subarea=6&ind_menu=5&ind_tess=1&pfold=02_04_lettini&iname=line&desc=Line%20-%20Sofa%20beds   ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. The increasing success of Bolzan Letti in the national […]

Rimadesio Zenit


Rimadesio Zenit The versatility of the contemporary bookcase Customisable and flexible, the modern bookcase often delimits spaces between environments Although the digital world is stepping on, books never set. That’s why they still appear in plain sight in modern design bookcases, that are increasingly light, practical and eye-catching. But next to books, on the various […]

Minacciolo Store


Gallery now is Minacciolo Store, u could see in our showroom all the selection of the Minacciolo ‘s products From the hard line of Minà to pass versatile Natural Skin and at the end the warm English Mood. Now all the persons that will buy from Us Minacciolo will get a personal present in function […]